The UICs aren’t for the faint of heart – expect the most savage, brutal and offensive insults you’ve ever heard!

Our annual tournament will feature regional qualifiers up and down the UK, before our four judges – comedians Pablo Serski & Monty Burns and battle rappers Ambi & Conman Curve – select a team of eight performers to manage in the knockout stages. Each team member will then try to progress through the Championships to be crowned the Ultimate Insult Champion.

Our ethos is rooted in using humour to bring out the best and the worst in people (purely from a verbal perspective). We use the most brutal and savage humour, the art of the insult, put-downs and outright slagging our opponents off to prove how laughter can really be the best medicine.

We judges have each shared experiences concerning our mental health throughout our years. We have battled our own demons and continue to on a daily basis. We know through experience how cathartic it can be on the receiving end of a particularly savage roast or perfectly delivered series of bars that cut deep. We put everything out there to be shot at – our best and our worst. We do so because we love to laugh at each other and because we find taking a joke, no matter how devastatingly brutal, can be positively refreshing. It is also important to note that the aim of the game is to utilise insults with sportsmanship at the heart of the entertainment: nothing said with cruelty or with bad intentions, but instead said with a light heart in the name of comedy.

With that in mind, since our official launch in 2019 and moving forward, we aim to use our brand to deliver hilarious and outrageous content whilst promoting positive mental health through creative expression. We will, therefore, use the UICs and our affiliated brands to raise money for mental health causes and charitable organisations where possible.