How do I apply?
To book your place at a Regional Heat, simply head over to our Events & Tickets page and select the event you would like to try-out at. Events are listed by location and clicking on an event will open to provide further details such as event times, venue and other details. On the ticketing page for that event you will find a ticket for Try Out performances – that’s how you’ll reserve your spot! Each Regional Heat has 30 spaces and work on a first-come, first-served basis. If you can no longer book a place, you will need to select an alternative date to try-out as all places will have been taken already.
What happens after I apply?
After you apply, you will receive an email confirming your space has been reserved. We will ask you to provide details of your social channels, as well as any other details required by us at this stage. We will then contact you again to confirm your opponent for your Try-Out.
What's the structure of the Try-Outs?
Each of you will need to write 15 jokes, aimed at your opponent. You will each perform 3 jokes, before passing the microphone back and forth, over a 5 round period. At the end of this, the judges will give you immediate feedback. There is no winner or loser at the Regional Heats. You both might get selected for a team in the UICs, or you both might not. You will be judged individually, purely on delivery, creativity, the difficulty of your material and the overall brutality level. If you stand out from the crowd, you might be selected to take part in the competition. Each judge has a Wild Card they can play, which secures the act immediately for their team in the first championship stage.
Will I be put into the UICs after I apply for a Regional Heat space?
No. After your try-out at a Regional Heat, the team will sit down together and choose 7 acts each. The 8th pick in each team is a Wild Card which may be selected on the day of a Regional Heat. If you are the chosen Wild Card, you will be automatically entered into the first championship stage. Otherwise, you will need to wait to be contacted if you made a team or not.
If I make it to the UICs, what team will I be on?
One of the judges will choose you to be on their team. You may decide you don’t want to participate on your chosen team, in which case your space will be offered to another act and you will be removed from the UICs.
What happens if I miss the Regional Heat I applied for?
As spaces are limited, we cannot allow for drop-outs and no-shows and we will not tolerate this on a professional level. As such, you will be removed from this years application process and can try again next year.
What happens if I arrive late to my Regional Heat?
All acts must arrive with their guests at the time advertised as “doors opening”. This is to allow time to check you in and provide you with an overview of the event before our paying customers arrive. If you arrive late, you will be removed from the UICs and can try again next year. The running order of Regional Heats works on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to be the first on the stage, you need to be the first in line to enter the venue!
Can I bring guests to my Regional Heat or Tournament battle?
Yes. You will be granted a free +2 for each event you are participating in. If you are knocked out of the UICs at any point, you will still be granted free personal access to each of the remaining events in that particular tournament, though will lose your free +2 privilege.
I made it to the UICs! What now?
You will be asked to sign a contract to safeguard both the brand and yourself as the performing artist. This is also to confirm your participation in our Championships and ensure you know what UIC expect of you as a professional. We will then tell you your position in the UICs and let you know the next event date and time you will be performing on as well as the identity of your opponent. From there, show up and be as brutal as possible!
What happens if I make the UICs but cannot make one of the dates?
Unfortunately, we will need to replace you with someone who is available for the entirety of the tournament.
What happens if I win the UICs?
You will receive a cash prize along with being crowned as The Ultimate Insult Champion. You will keep your title until the next Championships take place (annually). Next year, you will be automatically entered into the Championship stages unless you choose to opt-out and relinquish your title.
Is the Grand Prize the only chance of winning something?
No. 2nd place will also receive a cash prize. Additionally, we will award cash bonuses at the UIC Final to participants for things like “most brutal joke of the year”, “best battle of the year” and “best round of the year”, as well as lots of other awards. If you are not in attendance to receive an award the prize will go back into the pot for next year’s prize pool.
If I get knocked out, can I still be involved?
Yes, there are chances for you to still be involved even if you get knocked out or don’t make it out the Regional Heat stage. Details of this will be provided to you individually and when relevant.